Here is a quick breakdown of a simple technique to add some variation to a procedural wood material.
First off you need to unwrap and apply procedural materials or tiling textures to the high poly. Remember that materials applied to the high poly also bake down, including normal, spec and diffuse, so you can capture much more than just geometry.

Also you can use Neil Blevins box mapping technique to get rid of seams on your high poly. With an object like this it helps get the wood pattern on the low poly UV layout, regardless of seams the patter flows from shell to shell perfectly.

After baking, the procedural materials are often lacking unique detail like wear, scratches, stain and lacquer build up. So, fire up viewport canvas and paint a new mask that you can use to add this variation. Mix it with an Ambient Occlusion bake to the diffuse and you're off to a really good start, really fast.

Also keep in mind you can use vertex paint (padded leather) and blend materials to paint masks on your high poly and they will bake down to your low poly.