Mark Dygert

3D Artist Puget Sound Area

I have always loved art, animation and technology, especially when it comes to visual story telling. That passion has guided me during my 9 years of experience in game development.

Software: 3dsmax, VRay, Maxscript, Maya, zBush, Mudbox, Photoshop, Motion Builder, Unreal, Unity, Source, MS Office.



Soulbound Studios

Chronicles of Elyria

Lead Animator

Her Interactive

Nancy Drew #1, 19-32
Nancy Drew Dossier #1-2.

Environment Artist

HER Interactive

Nancy Drew 15 Kapu Caves (2D Artist: Ayu Othman)
Nancy Drew 16 Mine Tunnels (2D Artist: Kristi Ulmer)
Nancy Drew 17 Curio shop (2D Artists: Jayme Crandall and James Slivers)


Programs: 3dsmax Maxscript Maya Mudbox zBrush Photoshop Motion Builder Substance Painter Unreal Unity Hammer