Mark Dygert

3D Artist Puget Sound Area

I have always loved art, animation in its many forms. Be it showing the historical details of the world through environment art, or rigging up characters and having the story come out through their actions and facial expressions. I have a diverse set of skills that has guided me during my 13 years of game development.

I'm always excited to learn something new! I have a passion for acquiring knowledge and sharing it with others.


Rigging Animation Motion Capture Scripting (Mel, Python, MaxScript) Realtime Animation Systems World Building (Terrain & Foliage) Prop Creation Materials


Sr Animator

Soulbound Studios

Chronicles of Elyria

Sr Animator / Artist


Various remote and on-site contracts

Lead Animator

Her Interactive

Nancy Drew #1, 19-32
Nancy Drew Dossier #1-2.

Environment Artist

HER Interactive

Nancy Drew 15 Kapu Caves (2D Artist: Ayu Othman)
Nancy Drew 16 Mine Tunnels (2D Artist: Kristi Ulmer)
Nancy Drew 17 Curio shop (2D Artists: Jayme Crandall and James Slivers)


Maya: (Animation, Modeling, Retargeting, Scripting) Motion Capture: (xSens, OptiTrak, Motion Builder) Unreal: (Animation Systems, World Building) 3dsmax: (Modeling, Rigging, Animation, MaxScript) Substance Painter & Designer World Machine World Creator SpeedTree zBrush Mudbox Photoshop Unity