Mark Dygert

3D Artist Puget Sound Area

I'm a professional 3D artist with 13+ years of experience. I carry around a huge toolbox of tips, tricks and workflows for all kinds of jobs.

I mostly specializes in setting up animation pipelines and rigging, but I also have a deep passion for modeling, materials and environment building.

I am extremely comfortable with Maya, 3dsmax and Unreal but I have made extensive use of a huge variety of apps, scripts and plug-ins.

I love researching new tech and sharing knowledge with other artists.


Rigging Animation Motion Capture (OptiTrack, Xsens) Scripting (Mel, Python, MaxScript) Realtime Animation Systems World Building Prop Creation Materials


Senior Animator

Adept games

Rigging, Animation, Scripting,
Maya, Advance Skeleton, Python, MEL, Unity

Senior Animator

Soulbound Studios

Rigging, Animation, Scripting, Unreal Animation Blueprints
Maya, Advance Skeleton, Python and MEL
Chronicles of Elyria
Elyian Adventures

Sr Animator / Artist


Art, Rigging, Animation, Automation

Soulbound Studios - Animation and environment art
Xerox -Google - Motion graphics for internal training materials
TouchTilt Games - Buildanaughts
Valve - Team Fortress 2 - Environment props
Unnamed Unity Project - RC racing game
Mathica - Art and animation
Zware Games - MineBot Arena

Lead Animator

Her Interactive

Nancy Drew #1, 19-32
Nancy Drew Dossier #1-2.


HER Interactive

Nancy Drew 15 Kapu Caves (2D Artist: Ayu Othman)
Nancy Drew 16 Mine Tunnels (2D Artist: Kristi Ulmer)
Nancy Drew 17 Curio shop (2D Artists: Jayme Crandall and James Slivers)


Maya: (Animation, Modeling, Retargeting, Scripting) Motion Capture: (Xsens, OptiTrack, Motion Builder) Unreal: (Animation Systems, Blueprints, World Building) 3dsmax: (Modeling, Rigging, Animation, MaxScript) Substance Painter & Designer World Machine World Creator SpeedTree zBrush Mudbox Photoshop Unity Jira Confluence Perforce