Montreal Lab Floor A

This is the latest work in progress shot of a pet project I’ve been working on in my spare time (Unreal4).

Coffee Table is done. The leather couch is a work in progress, there are a few more high poly details left to model then I can bake it for the final time and work on the materials (unreal4).

Executive office chair, 4,494 tris, 1024 diffuse, spec, normal (Unreal4).

A few high poly models made with sub-d modeling and quite a few splines which allowed me to quickly generate the high and low poly versions as well as some really good UV’s to start out with.

Globe. I love quad spheres, they unwrap really well and are easy to sculpt on, compared to traditional spheres with north and south poles.

Frame, sculpted in zBrush. The low poly and baking was done in 3dsmax. Materials started in 3dsmax and finished in Unreal.

Deus EX: HR Montreal Lab Floor A.
Concept by Eidos Montreal (Thierry Doizon)


Work in Progress (Unreal)