Montreal Lab Floor A

This is the latest work in progress shot of a pet project I’ve been working on in my spare time (Unreal4).

Coffee Table is done. The leather couch is a work in progress, there are a few more high poly details left to model then I can bake it for the final time and work on the materials (unreal4).

Executive office chair, 4,494 tris, 1024 diffuse, spec, normal (Unreal4).

Globe. I love quad spheres, they unwrap really well and are easy to sculpt on, compared to traditional spheres with north and south poles.

Deus EX: HR Montreal Lab Floor A.
Concept by Eidos Montreal (Thierry Doizon)


A work in progress scene I am putting together to experiment with new pipeline techniques.


3dsmax, zBrush, Substance, Unreal


3dsmax, zBrush, Unreal