Anim Blueprints

Animation Blueprint - Event Graph

Animation Blueprint - Anim Graph

State Machine 1 - Locomotion

State Machine 2 - InAir

State Machine 3 - Traversal



This is a work in progress animation blueprint that focuses on traversing an environment. While the blueprint is fairly fleshed out many of the animations and transitions need polish and tuning.

The breakdown
It contains 3 state machines:
1- Standard locomotion (walk, jog, sprint, swim, crouch)

2- inAir, falling, DOOM-falling and separate jump states for idle, sprint and Jog

3- Environment traversal, balance beam, vaulting, climbing (rope, pole, wall, ladder), zipline, sliding and wall running.

Mark Dygert: Animation Blueprint, Animations, Environment Layout
Cullen Faugno: Engineering
Van Ong: Character Models
Willie Phung: Animations
Zach Schwartz: Props


Unreal, Maya